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Hi! I'm Tawny Kross

A Guide to Your Goals

I am a physical therapist (PT) and a pain and wellness coach that believes passionately in your innate ability to heal and recover from chronic pain. And I know you can do this best by helping you deepen your knowledge about yourself, your body, your pain and your values, then using that understanding to overcome your pain and guide you back to LIVING your life.

My Story: When I graduated school with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, I was super jazzed because I thought I was ready to change the world and fix people’s pain with therapy, one rehabilitative exercise at a time.

Working at a VA hospital with Veterans who have been through so many different types of physical and emotional trauma was a real eye opener. I was out of my depth. No matter how much passion I had for it, I wasn’t helping anybody’s chronic pain other than giving them short- term, symptomatic relief.

Over the course of the years, I accumulated more and more “tools” and certifications to better “solve” the problem (dry needling, more manual therapy skills, functional nutrition...) and what I discovered was...

Pain and the human body is complex. It isn’t solved by any one pain medication; manual therapy technique; injection; exercises...

The key to your healing is helping YOU understand more about your body.

I do this by giving you:
-- A deep understanding of physical and emotional pain (i.e. pain neuroscience education and polyvagal theory)

-- then helping you develop ways to nourish the body (sleep, nutrition...)

-- and understand, embrace and TRUST your body and thoughts (movement/exercise, mindfulness, breath work)...

-- so that you can feel SAFE and move back toward the things you value. The things that make life LIFE.

I don’t have the answers. YOU DO. I’m just happy to have the privilege to coach you there.

Philosophy: I’m all about...a lot of things. But primarily: getting real; digging deep; being honest; giving yourself compassion and grace; crying with you, laughing with you; helping you value and see your growth through successes AND mistakes; and coaching you to discover and use your capacity to heal.

I’m not about judgment, criticism, quick fixes, perfectionism, comparison and passivity.

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